Free Seminar


Storage Feature Area October 4, 2017 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Anthony Price


Enabling storage by removing policy and regulatory barriers
Improving price signals for flexibility with half-hourly settlement (through smart meters) and smart tariffs to incentivise consumers to use, store and export electricity at times that are most beneficial or least costly to the system

A system for the consumer – smart appliances to optimise energy use (Government envisages that appliances with high potential for DSR should have the capability to respond to signals to alter how and when they consume energy). Ways to encourage uptake:

• Smart appliance labelling

• Regulation of smart appliances

• Requirements for appliances to be smart

Consumer protection issues:

• social impacts – requirement for measures that deliver clearer price signals to consumers, such as smart tariffs

• data and privacy – need for appropriate privacy safeguards to be in place for handling personal data eg. patterns of energy use

• informed consumers – particular information needed to help consumers understand the benefits available to them

• preventing abuses – regulatory oversight of new market entities